EMPRO W Series Copper Oxide White 4 Ply Mask - 30pcs

RM 26.00

Empro’s Urban Warrior facemask series utilizes Copper Oxide as your weapon to fight against viruses, bacteria and all other harmful microorganisms. Whenever you breathe, these viruses will be blocked by ions released from the copper surfaces and lose their infectivity, effectively eliminating 99% of Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae and E.coli.

These 4 layered copper oxide facemasks with Aerofit technology will give you 24 hours of protection, ensuring you are healthy for the whole day without hassles. 

 All Empro masks are VFE 99.9% which means it is 99.9% effective against viruses. A mask with a VFE of 99.9%, blocks 99.9% of virus-containing droplets it is exposed to.

Certified with US ASTM Top-level protection, MDA accredited and skin-friendly materials.

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